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Languages, Linguistics & Literature Dean Jeffrey Carroll notes that Compoc’s achievement reflects the high standards that she sets for herself, as well as the high standards of the Department of English. “The AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship is a meaningful acknowledgement of the stellar work of Kim Compoc and graduate students like her," said Carroll. "Thank you, Kim, for bringing much distinction to your department and college.”

AAUW Dissertation Fellowship

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Anjali has been recognized for her work in the areas of race and gender. In 2013, she was awarded an AAUW Dissertation Fellowship from the American Association of University Women and an Exemplary Diversity Scholar Citation from the National Center for Institutional Diversity at the University of Michigan. She also previously received an Honorable Mention in the Ford Foundation Diversity Dissertation Fellowship. In addition, her research has been supported by a Society of Scholars Fellowship from Simpson Center for Humanities and the Institute for Ethnic Studies in the United States at the University of Washington. From 2008 - 2014, Anjali served on the board of directors of the Washington Debate Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting debate in Washington.

AAUW American Dissertation Fellowships

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AAUW American Dissertation Fellowships