Sample College Admission Essay Topics

Here's an advanced look at the 2012-2013 college admission essay topics for nearly 500 schools

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Good College Admission Essay Topics

Selecting College Admission Essay Topics

When your college admissions essay topic is completely open there is an abundance of different subjects that you could potentially write about, however only certain topics are considered to be appropriate and even a smaller selection of those will gain you automatic acceptance into the educational institute of your choice. The secret to writing winning college essays is choosing a topic that will blow away the admissions officers and get you a big fat stamp of acceptance on your application.

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College admission essay topics that you should focus on should provide examples of how you have been successful in your life and how college plays an important role in the plans you have for your future. Consider these good college admission essay topics:
• Describe how your interests and skills match well to the program of study you plan to pursue at the college.
• Describe the vision that you have for yourself in five years and tell how your skills and character will get you there.
• Describe how you have faced distractions and made good choices to be successful in school.
• Tell about your career and professional interests and how attending this particular college will help you to advance in your career plans.
• Tell about your vision of your future and how college fits into that image. Describe what you will do to make the vision happen.

College Admissions Essay Topics to Avoid