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Vasudevan said his daughter and his son Kavin, 8, are exceptional andalways have been so. Vino was counting at age 2, reading by 4 and solving collegemath problems at 8 and now she reads at least two books a week, while her classmates can barely get through the 80 minutes of assigned reading perweek.

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Jason Sutt, a 2008 Indy Met graduate who went to Vincennes University, said he often called his former Indy Met teachers to help him on college math problems or to proofread one of his English papers.

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Question: My daughter had me help her with some of her college math problems that require finding the pattern. The problem was the stair problem where you can climb either 1 step or 2 steps at a time. How many combinations are there to get to the 10th step. I found the data set that solves the answer to the question, but is there an equation that expresses the answer in terms of n?

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