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What is a definition essay? This is the question that should be first answered before even describing what it is all about. Definition essay comprises of two words; definition and essay. It is an essay that tries to define a word, term or idea in depth giving personal clarification on what the exact subject matter means. It provides a personal and an extended description for things by giving contrast to how they were described or by relating it to earlier definition. In definition essay, we can simply say that the writer is trying to give a meaning of something from his or her point of view. When you take any definition essay sample of an example of definition essay, you will realize all these things. When writing it, there are some rules that must be followed so as to come up with something of value.

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You can use some relevant definition essay samples. They often clear some issues up. They will show you how an essay might look and how to locate your parts. The other important source is dictionaries. However, there’s a trap of starting your essay with something like ‘The Oxford dictionary defines happiness as…’

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