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An Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology can be the beginning of many successful and prolific career paths. Whether you hope to become a psychologist or you plan to branch out into another field where psychology will be a boost, this degree is an excellent foundation. Those individuals who earn their Bachelor’s Degree online as a traditionally earned Bachelor Degree. Students earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology have gone on to both pursue graduate education and pursue careers in government agencies, social service agencies, medicine, law, politics, education, business and many others. Students earning this degree can also pursue a graduate degree in psychology in order to become a psychologist or mental health practitioner. The field of psychology continues to grow steadily in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that . An Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology will lay the groundwork to a successful career in many areas.

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Whether you’re making a career change or want to earn a degree online for the first time, check our list of successful college degrees first. The following 10 best college degrees have better than average projected job and income growth over the next decade.

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There are many advantages to earning an online degree. Earning a degree online offers you the convenience of taking courses at your own pace and in your spare time. Also, earning a degree online allows you to continue working while attending school. Plus, earning an online degree allows you to attend a school that is not geographically convenient to you.Graduate Business Degree Programs Online
The University of San Diego graduate business programs are fully accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This moniker is considered to be the gold standard of business school accreditation. The University offers an MBA degree as well as several other specialized business degree options. For more than a decade, the University has offered working adults a feasible way to achieve their higher education goals while still remaining active as a full time employee in the general workforce.Undergraduate Business Degrees Online
(UMUC) began catering to military personnel and their spouses who found it difficult to continue their education at traditional campuses because of their frequent moves to accommodate military duty orders. Today, UMUC is a nationally accredited university that offers at least nine practical learning experiences with degrees geared toward online students who wish to excel in various fields of business.Online degrees have gotten a bad rap by some. Often, this is just a case of being uninformed about what it’s really like to earn a degree online. The truth of the matter is that online instruction, online degrees and distance learning provide a highly flexible and creative way to finish your education.Pursuing a bachelor’s degree online is a great option for students who need to attend classes on their own time, are working or are older students with some of their bachelor’s degree already completed, or are simply uninterested in more traditional campus life. U.S. News evaluated several factors to rank the best online bachelor’s degree programs, including graduation rates, faculty credentials and support services available remotely. A road trip like this is a great way to find out exactly where you want to end up. Because even if you plan to earn your degree online, you still have the option to reside nearby and it never hurts to get an insider's look at what your new area has to offer.You will take two to three years to complete your degree online. A normal course load online is two courses or six credits per semester (part-time study). Students with superior time management skills have successfully taken up to three courses online during a semester (full-time study). If you are interested in taking more than three courses per semester, you should apply to our face-to-face program on campus.

New students participate in an online orientation where they have an opportunity to learn more about the program, the faculty, and the SC&I MI community. Through this orientation experience, you will meet your faculty, learn how to use the eCollege online courseware system, learn more about our library services online, and get to know the other students in your cohort. An associate’s degree serves as a basic introduction to the fundamentals. If you decide to get your degree online, make sure that the online school that you choose to attend awards transferable credits that you can apply toward a bachelor’s degree program in psychology.
After conducting thorough research, we devised formulas to help us calculate a list of universities by rank. Using our research on hundreds of psychology programs, we filtered through the degrees to only include those that are offered online. From here we used the following criteria to determine the rank of each program:Pathway is a low-cost educational opportunity that combines online courses with local gatherings. Participants gain valuable skills that will serve them throughout their lives and in pursuing a college degree. As a program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, students will also receive the spiritual benefits of a gospel-incorporated education. Successful completion of Pathway allows students the opportunity to pursue a BYU-Idaho degree online.