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An important task in starting a new venture is to develop a business plan. As the phrase suggests, a business plan is a "road map" to guide the future of the business or venture. The elements of the business plan will have an impact on daily decisions and provide direction for expansion, diversification, and future evaluation of the business.

Developing A Business Plan

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SARE. 2003. Building a Sustainable Business: A Guide to Developing a Business Plan for Farms and Rural Businesses. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE), Washington, D.C.

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There is no doubt that preparing a successful business plan requires time and energy, but the payoff is far greater than the cost. The purpose of this primer on developing a farm business plan is to make the task of preparing a good farm business plan less daunting.

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If you are interested in developing a new business on the Internet or expanding your current business onto the global information superhighway, it is important to develop a business plan as part of your preparations. Like a regular business plan, your Internet business plan must give details of the proposed venture, along with expected needs and results (Kuratko and Hodgetts, 1992). In addition, it must take into account the unique nature of electronic commerce.As you deal with these standard sections, remember that this is your plan and not a classroom assignment, which means you should ignore anything that doesn't fit your needs. For example, if you're developing a business plan for internal use only that won't be read by anybody outside the company, you don't need to describe your company history. You might want to include management team gaps and a personnel plan, but you probably don't need to describe the background of your key management team members. This publication will assist in drafting your own business plan. It includes a discussion of the makeup of the plan and the information you need to develop a business plan. Business plans are traditionally developed and written by the owner with input from family members and the members of the business team. Business plans are "living" documents that should be reviewed and updated every year or if an opportunity for change presents itself. Reviews reinforce the thoughts and plans of the owner and the business, and aid in the evaluation process. For an established venture, evaluation determines if the business is in need of change or if it is meeting the expectations of the owners.This publication is part of a series aimed at explaining, as simply as possible, what is entailed in developing a farm business plan and guiding you through the mechanics of preparing such a plan. The publications in this series are online at the EDIS website at .