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Plain English Writing Rules (Updated for 2014)

If using English writing rules, there is more than one possible way to write my name. The most logical one is: Janan Zookich. German rules: Dschenan Sukitsch. Since my first name has Arabic origin, it can be written in Arabic too: جنان.

Excellent writing skills -- ability to write effective copy for multiple mediums, with strong understanding of English writing rules.

Plain English Writing Rules (Updated for 2015)

English Mechanics introduces the details of many English writingrules that are easy to forget and not often covered in normal English classes,yet these rules play an important role in standard English and even more so inbusiness English. Rules about the placement of underlines, quotation marks,semicolons, dash, etc., are covered with plenty of examples and simpleexercises. This small book is a great resource for students and also a goodexercise book.

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“It’s particularly unfortunate when there are spelling mistakes on signs and statues which many will see and will stand for a long time,” says Botolv Helleland, a linguist at the University of Oslo. “English writing rules have come into play here. In English, numbers in dates are written without a period following.”

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