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In my experience this is the most crucial step of the whole essay writing exercise and the step which is most often fluffed – chiefly because of the 'OMG the examiner will think I'm stupid' complex which we have already discussed. The temptation at this stage will be either to bombard the examiner with all relevant facts and ideas to show how clever you are, or to list in desperation anything you can remember, relevant or not, in a bid to prove that you have at least one functioning brain cell. Whether you are cocky or convulsed in self doubt however, the result will be the same. If you don't select your information carefully, and use quotation, evidence and formulas wisely, the essay will fall apart so you must make it second nature to -

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Other skills need to be developed prior to Essay Writing Exercise being used. The participant should have mastery over the other writing exercises in this section. If they do not, work on these other exercises for at least 30 days before attempting this exercise.

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Essay writing is something unavoidable. Everybody has to write essays at some stage of life. One cannot escape essay writing process completely in his life. You have to write essays during your academic career and these days with certain changes in the curriculum of almost every education system, the essay writing exercise is compulsory starting from the primary level up to post doctorate level. Everybody has to write essays, research papers, assignments, articles, and paragraph etc. In this age of competition, in competitive exams, essay writing is the compulsory paper, every contestant has to pass. There are certain defined techniques which an essay writer has to follow while writing the essay. Every student whether he/she is on secondary level or PhD level, he/she must be familiar with these techniques. Essay writing is a time taking activity. You cannot do it hurriedly.

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