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This collection of essays on Abraham Lincoln's leadership resulted from a conference sponsored by the Union League of Philadelphia's Abraham Lincoln Foundation in 2009. The volume includes a long introduction by the editor, Randall M. Miller, an afterword by Allen C. Guelzo, and the following essays: "Sowing the Wind and Reaping the Whirlwind: Abraham Lincoln as a War President," by Gregory J. W. Urwin; "Seeing Lincoln's Blind Memorandum," by Matthew Pinsker; and "Abraham Lincoln as Moral Leader: The Second Inaugural as America's Sermon to the World," by Harry S. Stout. The preface states that the collection's "purpose [is] not to debunk or celebrate Lincoln's leadership but, rather, to understand its foundations and functioning" (p. xii).

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Wilentz’s historical scholarship has concentrated on the political and social history of the United States from the American Revolution to recent times. His best-known books of history are: , winner of, among other prizes, the Albert J. Beveridge Award and the Frederick Jackson Turner Award;(with Michael Merrill, 1993); (with Paul E. Johnson, 1994); (2005), winner of the Bancroft Prize among other honors, and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize; and (2008). His successful textbook, , originally published in 1992, appeared in a second edition in 2007, co-edited with Jonathan H. Earle. Wilentz has also edited collections of essays on Abraham Lincoln, and on political ritual and symbolism, as well as a modern edition of He serves as general editor of the acclaimed American Presidents’ series for Times Books/Henry Holt, and the James Madison Library in American Politics for Princeton University Press.

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