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Need help writing your grant proposal? Freelance Grant Writers for hire. Our experienced federal grant and private grant writers have generated six-figure awards for grantees.

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Mercy Mmbone is a freelance writer for hire who offers meticulous SEO writing services of blogs, press releases, articles, eBooks, editing, rewrites, ghost writing and more. She is committed to providing you with top notch content that is unique, informative and engaging, targeted to your specific needs. Each copy benefits from the breadth and depth of her writing expertise. She values every client relationship greatly and makes sure they get the quality they deserve!

Finding freelance writers for hire is not difficult, but finding a good freelance writer can be

Rates are based on word count and project deliverable. A freelance writer for hire might work on an hourly, per word count, per-day or per-week basis. Many freelancers work on a per-word basis and require one-third to one-half of the total pay upfront.

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