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“I knew Tammy had a special gift with words when she helped me with senior English in high school. So, when I needed someone to help me write my book, “Determined to Trust,” I immediately thought of her. She took the words from my heart and crafted them into a flowing, readable story. Knowing the questions to ask and having the understanding of how the English language works are her undeniable strengths along with being prompt and dependable. I will not hesitate to use her services again when I have an editing or writing need.”

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Q: Would you help me write my book report, my family memoir, or critique and edit my manuscript?
A: Sorry, I cannot, or else there would be no time left for my own writing and editing. However, you can locate excellent book doctors, editors-for-hire, ghostwriters and writers' groups who offer these services by consulting the Literary MarketPlace (LMP). Details appear in the section of my website.

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I’ve written a few books about hockey, so know the landscape pretty well. I’m also very interested in the world of finance and investing, and I love reading crime novels —especially those by Don Winslow, Phillip Kerr and Dennis Lehane – so all of the above came together as a very pleasant cocktail of research to help me write my book.

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“Brilliant. I came to the session with an idea for a book and not much knowledge on how to go about it. I now have a number of chapter headings and know the ins and outs of editing, publishing and software that can help me write my book. It has also given me ideas for other books too. Thank you.”

5. Seek Help: one of the best ways to become successful when writing a new book is to seek constant help with writing your book. There are many people out there eager to help you write your book. You can also search online for terms such as “help me write my book” or “help me write a book” and you will definitely meet new individuals eager to help you with your writing book project, either for a small fee or for free.