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How to Write Excellent MBA Entrance Essays

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First, do research. Before writing any paper, including an entrance essay, do research! Go to the library and look at sample essays, or go online and do a search for MBA entrance essays. While seeking a professor's guidance is always a good idea, it is usually best to return to your professors with a rough draft rather than trying to answer the essay from your professor's point of view. Also, don't forget you have a great resource for business essays at the school you are applying for: Email or call the admissions office and ask if they have they can provide or email some of the students in the program for a sample of their essay.

MBA Entrance Essays

MBA Admission: 5 Tips for Your MBA Admission Essays

Furthermore, you should be able to consider your future with this degree, and your MBA entrance essay might ask you to discuss what you plan on using this degree for, where you see your career in ten years, etc. Take some time and think about it -- where do you see yourself? Even if you aren't going into business there is a use for your degree in other fields, again, do some research and discover what other people like you have done. Or perhaps mention you new pioneering efforts with the degree. Don't think you have to "fit in" and use your degree in the office setting with a suit-and-tie ensemble, think outside the box!

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Writing an entrance essay of any kind is a daunting task as the writer is faced with the immediate concern of what does the committee want to hear? While this article is geared towards the MBA entrance essay, other entrance essay-writers may find some useful tips.

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