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Red Bull and Sugar Free Red Bull NMR Post Lab Report. Viewed as one of the most significant tools in analytical chemistry, the Nuclear Magnetic.

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Data gathered from the surveys was compiled into an aggregated data file. Data was statistically examined to see if students reflect improvements or enhancements to their experiences and perceptions about chemistry over the course of the semester. After one full year of implementation, the evaluation data was compiled and a thorough formative assessment was conducted. After the analysis of the data, a round table discussion of this data was conducted by the PIs that focused on any deficiencies discovered through formative assessment, and explored possible modifications of our implementation plan. At the end of this project in March 2010, Dr. Dunaway and the PIs will meet to determine the overall effectiveness of this project, and to what extent the modifications made as a result of the formative assessment were successful. Assessment of the long-term impact of this project will continue even after the project funding period, by way of exit interviews with graduating chemistry majors.
Data obtained from the evaluation process and survey data from students were compiled and these data indicated the following: Students had a more enjoyable lab experience because of their hands-on NMR experience, had a good understanding of NMR theory and instrumentation, appreciated the role of computers in science, understood the importance of NMR to chemists for structure determination, understood how to conduct research using the NMR spectrometer, were challenged intellectually, NMR experience gave them a positive experience with technology, understood chemical principles being studied better because of their NMR experience, could explain how NMR worked, said science became more interesting because of the NMR lab experience, said the NMR skills obtained would be valuable for their future, and some students indicated that they would consider changing their major to a STEM area because of the hands-on experience they obtained on the NMR spectrometer. The average score on the NMR problem set for all laboratory sections was 85% which we consider to be a good indication that the students understood the NMR theory. The average score on the NMR lab report for all sections was 92% which is good indication that students understood the NMR experiment performed.

[13] Lemberskiy and Xu, NMR lab report for Advanced Experimental Physics, Spring 2012.

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