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Education - Pelckmans' online learning project Matrix big succes

It was in this atmosphere of uncertainty that the Online Learning Project was undertaken by a small team at the Division of Distance and Continuing Education (DDCE). It was devised as an attempt - which proved to be highly successful - to provide CQU staff with a set of experiences that would allow them to make more informed contributions to the various debates about online education.

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Welcome to the home of the 3D World Online Learning Project (3D World), produced by NYCDOE District 75 and Learning Times LLC. 3D World is a three-dimensional, social world designed for the learning and practice of life skills, from independent city travel, to banking and financial skills, to setting up a first apartment and hosting a party.

UK Launches Online Learning Project

volumes which explored major themes and episodes in the history of Canada using maps, text and graphics. Now, the Online Learning Project makes many of the maps and much of the research data created for the Atlas available online. Interactive mapping lets one actively explore the data and themes presented. help users navigate a number of these themes easily and effectively.

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