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For as long as anyone can remember, the results of a high school Regents test taken by a Clarkstown student has counted for 20 percent of the yearly grade.

A Regents test taken by a Clarkstown student counts for 20 percent of the GPA, a policy that is now being reconsidered

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If you are required to take a CUNY Assessment Test for admission to a particular college or for placement into appropriate level courses, you will be receiving instructions from both the University and the colleges you are admitted to. These pages give you general information about the tests, and a set of resources to guide you in your preparation to take them. You can meet admissions requirements based on New York Regents test scores, the SAT tests, or the ACT tests. The CUNY Assessment Tests offers you an alternative route for admission to four-year colleges.

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Perhaps the reason for selecting an easier pass bar for English has to do with the types of students who took this exam. Unlike the algebra exam, which the state required for every first-time algebra student, the new Common Core English Regents test for 11th graders was voluntary. (Students could take one or the other, or both.) Burris, for example, opted to give only the old pre-Common Core exam to her students. She said her informal survey of other Long Island principals found many had done the same thing. Those who did give their students the new Common Core English exam often gave it only to their honors and advanced students, she said.

Assistant Education Commissioner Roseanne DeFabio resigns amidst the criticism of recent Regents exams, including the Math A Regents test.

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, New York's favorite Regents test-prep website offers more than 60 video presentations by New York's best teachers along with other valuable test-prep resources. New York’s Regents tests —statewide tests in various subject areas developed by the New York State Education Department under the direction of the state’s Board of Regents—have become an increasingly critical marker of student achievement. Most students must now pass five of these tests to graduate from public high school, and the state bases its definition of college readiness on students achieving scores higher than those required to just pass the math and English exams. The issue arose after Regents Competency Tests, which were designed for students with disabilities such as autism, attention deficit disorder and cerebral palsy, were phased out in 2011 and replaced by a new program. In June 2013, James DeLorenzo, the state’s assistant commissioner for special education, announced the creation of the Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement Credential. It was described as a new graduating credential for students with disabilities.Regents test results were analyzed for each student in the cohort. Passing the Regents exams in five subjects is required for graduation: English, math, science, global history, and U.S. history. Currently, students can receive a Regents diploma by passing the five required tests with a score of 65. An Advanced Regents diploma requires passing eight or more tests with a score of 65. The class of 2009 could also receive a local diploma, which has since been phased out and is no longer available, by passing three of five tests with a 55 and two of five with a 65. About half the graduates from the class of 2009 received standard Regents diplomas, with about 25 percent receiving Advanced Regents diplomas and the other 25 percent receiving a local diploma. This study focuses primarily on the requirements for a standard Regents diploma—passing tests in all five subjects with a score of at least 65. Students may retake failed Regents exams and often take multiple tests in the same subject. Unless otherwise specified, all reported test scores represent the highest score obtained by each student in each subject.Although there is a general sequence in which students first attempt each required Regents exam, the tests can be taken throughout high school and there is a good deal of variation among students. Global history is most commonly first attempted in the second year of high school, with U.S. history in the third year, but it is not uncommon for students to pass math or science exams in their first year or during middle school. To measure progress towards the Regents requirements, IBO constructed a scale that represents a count of the subject area requirements met by passing an exam with a score of at least 65. This differs from a simple sum of Regents exams passed. For example, a student who scored at least 65 on two math exams and nothing else would be counted as meeting one Regents requirement rather than two. Approved alternatives to the Regents tests, such as portfolios, were included, but Regents Competency Tests designed for special education students were not.1 The number of Regents requirements met was averaged by year and graduation outcome. Students who never attempted Regents exams were counted as meeting none of the requirements, and Regents exams passed with a score of 65 or more prior to high school were counted in the 2005-2006 totals. Table 1 shows a summary of progress towards the Regents requirements on a scale of 0 to 5, by four-year high school outcome. While the CDOS program substitutes for traditional Regents and Regents Competency tests, without those tests, students with disabilities have almost no way to get a local diploma, according to their parents. The new certificate is not accepted as a high school diploma at colleges, businesses, the armed forces or anywhere else a diploma is required.Despite pressure from Commissioner Mills, New York State private schools reject the use of the new Regents tests, claiming that it would be an intrusion on their autonomy to set standards and develop rigorous curricula.