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Application Deadlines: April 15, Annually
The Maine State Chamber of Commerce Scholarship program recognizes two Maine high school seniors planning to pursue education at a two or four year degree-granting college. Preference may be given to a student attending a Maine college and seeking a degree in a business or education-related field. One scholarship is for a high school student pursuing an associates degree in a technical program, [...]

Amount: 5 - $1,000 scholarships for high school students; 5 - $1,000 scholarships for members age 19 and over.

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X- offers many scholarships to high school students admitted to study here. These scholarships are for high school seniors who are admitted to study at Xavier University and can include academic scholarships, service awards, diversity and leadership scholarships, departmental scholarships, performing and visual arts, alumni scholarships, and scholarships for students with special interests.

This scholarship is for high school juniors who live and attend school in a state with a Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack store.

This scholarship is for high school juniors and seniors as well as students currently registered at an accredited college or university. To qualify, applicants must submit an essay discussing their educational career and life goals.

This scholarship is for Baptist high school students who are Acteens and/or National Acteens Panelists.

There are many scholarships for high school juniors. It may seem disheartening when you’re looking through scholarship pages and only find scholarships geared towards high school seniors, or those already in college. However, there are plenty of scholarships out there for you.Best Buy also has a scholarship for high school juniors. This scholarship awards $1,000 to 1,200 winners. Winners for this scholarship are chosen based on a combination of academic achievement, volunteerism efforts, and work experience. There are very few requirements for this scholarship, the most important of which is a 2.5 GPA. This scholarship is only good for one academic year and is non renewable.Another scholarship for high school juniors is the C-SPAN StudentCam competition. This is actually open for grades 6-12. It is an annual video documentary competition. Each year has a different theme, that somehow relates to current events or political issues in the world today. Students must submit a five to eight minute video documentary on the assigned topic. The only requirement is that the video must somehow contain C-SPAN footage on the topic. This scholarship may be done individually or in groups of up to three. This scholarship awards a total of $50,000 split between 75 student winners. The first place winners will receive $5,000 each.Here is a list of scholarships for high school students from A to Z to help high school students consider the options to , as well as a few scholarships that do not require college admission as a contingent. In 2013, thousands of high school students will benefit from scholarships.High school students intending on heading to college should always be on the search for scholarships. Not only are there scholarships for high school students who will be going on to study at college, but some scholarships are also available to high school students regardless of their intent to proceed right away to university. 200+ Active scholarships for high school students! Browse through a comprehensive list of scholarships for high school students. High school students will find
This is just the start of scholarships for high school students. Remember to by applying for by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid () and speaking with your high school counselor. It’s never too early to learn about scholarship opportunities. View complete listing of Scholarships for High School Students at this page of our site. All recent High School Student Scholarships are available right here.
These AKA Scholarships for High School Seniors are available for the upcoming academic year. There are multiple scholarships but scholarship awards are limited to one
Please contact each organization to confirm deadlines and eligibility criteria. Under no circumstances should you use this listing as the sole resource for your scholarship search. There may be many other scholarships available to you based on your background and specific interests. The provision of the following short list of scholarships for high school students is meant only to give you a jump-start on your scholarship search. Read the chapters, “The Scholarship Search: Discovering Hidden Treasures” and “The Local Scholarship Search: Finding Scholarships in Your Backyard” in for more on scholarship search strategies. You should also use the free web based scholarship search engines listed in .