I am a working adult, I would like to enrol the writing class for adult.

You can find out more about my online writing classes here:

I have writing online writing classes you can take. Each course has six sessions. At the end of each session, you complete a writing activity and email it to me.
I give you feedback and writing tips based on what you have written. Then I send you out the notes for the next session.

Hello: I have a second grader and three 3rd grader that I am looking for a writing class for them. Any suggestion? we live in Gilroy, CA

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Hello Dee. I just signed up and paid for your adult writing class ‘What Happens Next?’ I paid with Paypal but I failed to find a place for me to register. Please help me get started. Thank you.

Writer’s Digest University has online writing classes for every type of writer

“I’ve taken other writing classes and this one was by far the most helpful and most practical. My writing improved dramatically over the last month.”

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Anne Lamott is the the bestselling author of , , and other acclaimed novels and essays. Anne Lamott taught the first Book Passage writing class almost two decades ago. It’s a joy to welcome her back.my free three-week writing class that teaches you how to write good short-short stories, finish your work, and created story collections you can sell, is now available for both new and existing members.21. Use a few summer hours to teach a writing class. If you’re not comfortable with teaching a professional class, scale it down to writing with kids at the local library. Make it fun for you; do something different. Consider something new, like writing fairy tales or teaching sentence structure in play form. Remember Richard Bach’s line from Illusions, “We teach best what we most need to learn.”I still run the Online Writing Classes. There are a couple for kids aged 8-10. More about the classes is available here: You can buy the classes here: I would like to sign up my 8 year old daughter for your Writing classes for Kids course. Is it still running? We live in Lagos,Nigeria. Please let me know.
Paigeok great! This sounds like a good option for us! Set-up a little differently than what she has been doing, but much more affordable, and sometimes different is better! Do you recommend one class over another for a 13 year old who has done some writing classes in the past? Thanks again.Hi,
My home-schooled 13 year old daughter is passionate about creative writing. She has taken a few other on-line writing classes that she has loved! We are just looking for something new and a little more affordable How are the online classes set up? Is there an online “class-room” or does she email you her work and then you give feedback? Do the classes start on any given day? Or is there a start and end day? Thank you for any info.