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Writing at UQ is staffed by leading writers, industry practitioners, and researchers who actively participate in industry networks. Staff include novelist and reviewer , editor and arts worker , poet , academic and corporate writer and editor , novelist , critical and literary theory specialist , and academic and professional writer .

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The Writing, Editing and Publishing program is an innovative combination of creative, professional and public writing designed for people like you who are committed to publishing your work to a wider audience and writing and editing in today’s open writing environment. It moves beyond the confines of traditional master’s of fine arts (MFA) programs in creative writing or programs in professional writing by acknowledging that today’s writer and editor must be able to work in many genres, across many platforms and understand the relationships between various forms of writing rather than seeing forms as separate from one another.

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To be eligible to earn a minor, you must complete the following courses with a B average. You are, of course, welcome to take courses without formally pursuing a Professional Writing and Editing minor. Please Note: You can take the Professional Writing and Editing courses in any order.

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"Better Writing Through Editing" teaches intermediate students how to edit their own writing for correct sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and expression.Do you think that writing will be central to your career? Do you simply want to be prepared more fully for writing in the workplace? Courses in Professional Writing and Editing will help you make the most of your skills. Five courses are now available online as part of WVU’s Distance Education program, or as part of the regular course offerings through WVU’s Department of English. While you can take just one or two of the courses, successful completion of all five courses will earn a Professional Writing minor that you can combine with any other major. For more information on the distinctions between the Professional Writing and Editing Certificate, Minor, and Concentration, including eligibility requirements, please visit the Department of English's .Our company writes and edits letters, pamphlets, papers, reports, brochures, booklets, training guides, fact sheets and strategic planning documents for a variety of individuals, agencies and government departments.The explosion of text-creating and publishing opportunities in the contemporary workplace has created a growing demand for writing and editing expertise. As well as enhancing professional opportunities, developing your creative practice and complementing other academic qualifications, a Writing Program can also lead to writing-related careers or vocations including arts reviewer, blogger, columnist, copy writer, corporate writer, critic, editor, feature writer, fiction writer, media liaison officer, poet, publishing coordinator, screen writer, speech writer, or web developer.A career in writing and editing is a natural fit for an English major. There are a variety of different, specialized paths that this professional sector can branch off into, including freelance work, grant writing and editing, magazine writing, journalism -- both broadcast and print, as well as careers in publishing.One way of separating the processes of writing and editing is to do them in different places. Print out your writing, so that you can do the editing work on hard copy, away from the computer e.g.: on the train or bus; in a café; on a park seat; somewhere else well away from the work environment; or at your desk if you prefer.