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writing the perfect personal statement for graduate school

Some people may know exactly how they are going to lay out and write their personal statement, but for the rest of us it's a bit more difficult.

Even though you now know what you're going to put in your statement, do you know how to make it read well?

The best way to get an idea of how to go about producing your personal statement is to look at some other people's statements.

This gives you a chance to see the sort of structure and language other people use, how they explained why they wanted to study their chosen course, as well as their own interests and abilities.

When you read through sample personal statements, have your own notes from the section above ready. If you find anything you've done but haven't already thought about, make a note of it.

Reading through lots of personal statements will allow you to judge which ones you think are good or bad, and find parts of statements you really like or dislike. This exercise will come in useful in the next section.

Hopefully your school or college will give you some example personal statements, but if they don't, there are loads of available here at Studential.

How to Write The Best Personal Statement

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In fact writing the personal statement might be one of the most difficult writing projects you tackle. Why? Because writing a successful and effective personal statement requires that you accomplish a variety of seemingly contradictory tasks: writing about yourself (you are the subject) without seeming "me" oriented; expressing confidence without sounding arrogant; being both informative and persuasive; and believing in your project without sounding self-important. Striking the right balance and keeping the attention of your reader for the right reasons is your aim, but doing so can be troublesome. Following are a few pointers that will be helpful to you in the process of working on this statement over time:

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Writing the personal statement is hard. It is, in fact, the most difficult part of the Truman (or any scholarship) application. At first my students don't believe this. Several weeks later, they sit shamefacedly looking at the few tepid sentences they have managed to compose about themselves, and say: "I had no idea!"

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